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Bake Off Inspiration

The Great British Bake Off has got us all baking. Why not add to the drama with glass place mats with a baking theme?

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bake off inspiration/decorative loaf shape sheaf wheat mouse
Decorative loaf in shape of sheaf of wheat with mouse
#media dmcs-11198477
bake off inspiration/traditional british christmas pudding with
Traditional British Christmas pudding with with holly and berries and sparklers alight
#media dmcs-11198708
bake off inspiration/cherry muffin broken open white plate credit
Cherry muffin broken open on white plate credit: Marie-Louise Avery / thePictureKitchen
#media dmcs-11198706
bake off inspiration/chocolate chip cookies cooling rack credit
Chocolate chip cookies on cooling rack credit: Marie-Louise Avery / thePictureKitchen
#media dmcs-11198690
bake off inspiration/stack decorative metallic foil cake muffin cases credit
Stack of decorative metallic foil cake and muffin cases credit: Marie-Louise Avery
#media dmcs-11198688
bake off inspiration/iced cupcake blue spots white icing credit
Iced cupcake with blue spots on white icing credit: Marie-Louise Avery / thePictureKitchen
#media dmcs-11198680
bake off inspiration/plate homemade mincepies sale village christmas
Plate of homemade mincepies for sale at village christmas bazaar credit: Marie-Louise
#media dmcs-11198664
bake off inspiration/pile indian naan bread fresh white cloth
Pile of Indian naan bread on fresh white cloth
#media dmcs-11198650
bake off inspiration/making chapatis restaurant trou au biches resort hotel
Making chapatis in restaurant of Trou au Biches resort hotel, Mauritius credit
#media dmcs-11198632
bake off inspiration/light fruit cake topped almonds tin credit
Light fruit cake topped with almonds in tin credit: Marie-Louise Avery / thePictureKitchen
#media dmcs-11198624
bake off inspiration/raspberry muffins white background credit
Raspberry muffins on white background credit: Marie-Louise Avery / thePictureKitchen
#media dmcs-11198620
bake off inspiration/large circle bread round wooden board floor
Large thin circle of bread on a round wooden board on floor of quayside bakery
#media dmcs-11198608
bake off inspiration/florentine biscuits saucers cups afterdinner coffee credit
Florentine biscuits on saucers of cups of afterdinner coffee credit: Marie-Louise
#media dmcs-11198596
bake off inspiration/cookie cutter modern heart shape red bead handle credit
Cookie cutter in modern heart shape with red bead handle credit: Marie-Louise Avery
#media dmcs-11198586
bake off inspiration/halved baking potatoes baked topping cheese
Halved baking potatoes baked with topping of cheese and spring onions credit: Marie-Louise
#media dmcs-11198584
bake off inspiration/lemon drizzle fairy cakes white cake stand credit
Six lemon drizzle fairy cakes on white cake stand credit: Marie-Louise Avery /
#media dmcs-11198582
bake off inspiration/mini ring doughnuts stacked blue white napkin credit
Mini ring doughnuts stacked on blue and white napkin credit: Marie-Louise Avery
#media dmcs-11198578
bake off inspiration/stack coloured paper cake muffin cases credit
Stack of coloured paper cake and muffin cases credit: Marie-Louise Avery /
#media dmcs-11198570
bake off inspiration/layered mille feuilles pastry whipped cream dulce leche
Layered mille feuilles pastry with whipped cream and dulce de leche. credit: Marie-Louise
#media dmcs-11198566
bake off inspiration/mla003422
#media dmcs-11198564
bake off inspiration/slice classic lemon tart served fresh raspberries
Slice of classic lemon tart served with fresh raspberries, lemon zest and creme fraiche
#media dmcs-11198558
bake off inspiration/stack piped cookies credit marie louise
Stack of piped cookies credit: Marie-Louise Avery / thePictureKitchen / TopFoto
#media dmcs-11198548
bake off inspiration/double star shaped cookie cutter credit
Double star shaped cookie cutter credit: Marie-Louise Avery / thePictureKitchen
#media dmcs-11198540
bake off inspiration/gooseberry cake drizzled water icing credit
Gooseberry cake with drizzled water icing. credit: Marie-Louise Avery / thePictureKitchen
#media dmcs-11198529
bake off inspiration/cranberry peanut chocolate chip cookies greaseproof
Cranberry and peanut and chocolate chip cookies on greaseproof paper credit: Marie-Louise
#media dmcs-11198527
bake off inspiration/stack pastel coloured muffins cases credit
Stack of pastel coloured muffins cases credit: Marie-Louise Avery / thePictureKitchen
#media dmcs-11198523
bake off inspiration/slice rich dense dark chocolate cake shiny
Slice of rich dense dark chocolate cake with shiny choc topping and candied orange
#media dmcs-11198519
bake off inspiration/twisted cheese straws silver rimmed glass
Twisted cheese straws in silver rimmed glass in candlelit party setting credit
#media dmcs-11198513
bake off inspiration/melted chocolate teaspoon smear chocolate
Melted chocolate on teaspoon, with smear of chocolate on greaseproof paper credit
#media dmcs-11198501
bake off inspiration/slice classic lemon tart served fresh redcurrants
Slice of classic lemon tart served with fresh redcurrants, lemon zest and creme fraiche
#media dmcs-11198499
bake off inspiration/variety colourful muffin cases stacked high credit
Variety of colourful muffin cases stacked high credit: Marie-Louise Avery /
#media dmcs-11198497
bake off inspiration/kneading pizza dough stainless steel surface
Kneading pizza dough on stainless steel surface
#media dmcs-11198493
bake off inspiration/caramel pecan cookies credit marie louise
Caramel pecan cookies credit: Marie-Louise Avery / thePictureKitchen / TopFoto
#media dmcs-11198489
bake off inspiration/sweet muffin foilcase topped candied fruit
Sweet muffin in foilcase topped with candied fruit and icing trails credit: Marie-Louise
#media dmcs-11198483
bake off inspiration/white dish baked potato halves topped melted
White dish of baked potato halves topped with melted cheese mixture and finished
#media dmcs-11198479
bake off inspiration/home flapjacks stacked brown plate
Home made flapjacks stacked on brown plate
#media dmcs-11198465
bake off inspiration/rolled pizza dough olive oil cut shape baking
Rolled out pizza dough with olive oil being cut into shape before baking as focaccia
#media dmcs-11198459
bake off inspiration/home fruited loaf butter jam special breakfast credit
Home made fruited loaf with butter and jam as special breakfast credit: Marie-Louise
#media dmcs-11198453
bake off inspiration/chocolate almond cookies blue ceramic bowl credit
Chocolate and almond cookies in blue ceramic bowl credit: Marie-Louise Avery /
#media dmcs-11198447
bake off inspiration/home brown wholemeal loaf fresh oven cooling rack
Home made brown wholemeal loaf fresh from oven on cooling rack. credit: Marie-Louise
#media dmcs-11198439
bake off inspiration/chicken breast fillet wrapped bacon stuffed
Chicken breast fillet wrapped with bacon and stuffed with spinach and ricotta cheese
#media dmcs-11198435
bake off inspiration/homemade christmas cake unwrapped greaseproof paper
Homemade Christmas cake, being unwrapped from its greaseproof paper. credit: Marie-Louise
#media dmcs-11198422
bake off inspiration/kitchen aid mixer used make cake
Kitchen aid mixer being used to make a cake
#media dmcs-11198408
bake off inspiration/lemon muffins lemon zest glaze white cakestand credit
Lemon muffins with lemon zest glaze on white cakestand credit: Marie-Louise Avery
#media dmcs-11198370
bake off inspiration/selection cakes cookies biscuits display
Selection of cakes, cookies and biscuits in display case of patisserie cafe in resort
#media dmcs-11198360
bake off inspiration/decorative loaf shape sheaf wheat mouse harvest
Decorative loaf in shape of sheaf of wheat with mouse for harvest festival credit
#media dmcs-11198327
bake off inspiration/pile stoneground wholemeal organic baguettes
Pile of stoneground wholemeal organic baguettes on woden board credit: Marie-Louise
#media dmcs-11198325
bake off inspiration/apple fruit cake cider topping glazed apple slices credit
Apple fruit cake with cider and topping of glazed apple slices credit: Marie-Louise
#media dmcs-11198306
bake off inspiration/dusting chocolte muffins cocoa powder credit
Dusting chocolte muffins with cocoa powder credit: Marie-Louise Avery / thePictureKitchen
#media dmcs-11198289


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