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monochrome/dutch painter guy harloff who studio hotel
The Dutch Painter, Guy Harloff, who had his studio in the hotel
monochrome/gregory corso paris 1957
Gregory Corso Paris 1957
flora smith harold chapman
Flora Smith by Harold Chapman
monochrome/thomas neurath son walter neurath thames hudson
Thomas Neurath, son of Walter Neurath of Thames & Hudson, book publishers.In 1960
monochrome/thomas neurath fashionable trench coat diane wells
Thomas Neurath in a fashionable trench coat, with Diane Wells, an English schoolteacher
monochrome/ian sommerville beat hotel paris 1960s
Ian Sommerville in the Beat Hotel, Paris. 1960s
monochrome/ken tindall american writer poet who working
Ken Tindall, American writer and poet, who was working in the hotel on his novel
monochrome/diane barkers party belgian born olivia haulleville
At Diane Barker's party, Belgian born Olivia de Haulleville, a poetess whose pseudonym
monochrome/thelma shumsky who later wife
Thelma Shumsky, who later became my wife
golden age trains/steam train mastodout italy nineteenth century
Steam Train Mastodout (?) Italy nineteenth century
royal families/private view day royal acadamy sir johnston lady
Private view day at the Royal acadamy. Sir Johnston and Lady Forbes-Robertson
royal families/duke edinburgh wearing uniform marshall royal
Duke of Edinburgh wearing uniform of Marshall of the Royal Air Force 17th March 1953
royal families/duke edinburgh uncle admiral fleet earl
The Duke of Edinburgh and his Uncle Admiral of the Fleet Earl Mountbatten on the
royal families/royal tan right jockey brian marshall winning
Royal Tan (right) jockey Brian Marshall winning the Grand National Steeplechase
royal families/unusual camera angle hrh duke edinburgh canadian tour
An unusual camera angle on the HRH Duke of Edinburgh during his Canadian tour.. The Duke
royal families/madame adelina patti aida royal italian opera
Madame Adelina Patti as Aida, at the Royal Italian Opera 1879
kent life/war time notice bells gravesend kent
War Time Notice Bells Gravesend Kent
royal families/hrh duke edinburgh aboard royal yacht britannia
HRH Duke of Edinburgh aboard the Royal Yacht Britannia staring intently through
royal families/prince charles looks hrh duke edinburgh s dog
Prince Charles looks on as the HRH Duke of Edinburgh 's dog Candy plays with his
sussex life/boys sussex downs preparing launch rocket meccano set
Boys on the Sussex Downs preparing to launch their rocket made from a meccano set. 1959
adverts posters/wwii poster 1941
WWII Poster 1941
motorsport topfoto/eric peugeot 4 year old grandson french car magnate
Eric Peugeot 4 year old grandson of the French car magnate who was kidnapped
motorsport topfoto/brands hatch kent racing driver jackie stewart
Brands Hatch, Kent: Racing driver Jackie Stewart, of Scotland, isn't really blowing
motorsport topfoto/hard decision football fanatic make decide day
It is a hard decision for a football fanatic to make when he or she has to decide
nostalgia john tophams britain/miss robins riding 1933
Miss Robins (riding). 1933
nostalgia john tophams britain/police inspect horses mouth pc dent
Police inspect horses mouth. ( P.C. Dent). 1933 photograph by John Topham
nostalgia john tophams britain/iron horse hauling timber 1931
Iron horse ( hauling timber). 1931
nostalgia john tophams britain/slum street limehouse early 1930s places did
A slum Street in Limehouse in the early 1930's. Many such places did not survive
nostalgia john tophams britain/horse riding bare back 1933
Horse riding (Bare - back). 1933
nostalgia john tophams britain/furrowing 1933
Furrowing. 1933
titanic ocean liners/titanic leaving southampton maiden voyage wednesday
Titanic leaving Southampton on her maiden voyage, Wednesday 10th April 1912
monochrome/william guthrie rue git le coeur winter 1956
William Guthrie in Rue Git-le-Coeur, winter 1956. In "Left Bank This Month"
monochrome/outside mistral bookstore rue la bucherie left right
Outside the Mistral bookstore, in Rue de la Bucherie. Left to right: Ken Tindall
monochrome/room 34 notice casual work painting plastering
Room 34. Notice for casual work, painting and plastering at a Polyclinic in Paris
monochrome/rue git le coeur corner quai des grands augustins
Rue Git-le-Coeur, on the corner of the Quai des Grands Augustins. Left to right Tove
monochrome/early morning le royal local people drinking
Early morning at Le Royal: local people drinking coffee at the circular "zinc"
monochrome/quite 2 sharp eyed nuns spotted carry
Almost but not quite! These 2 sharp-eyed nuns spotted us before we could carry out
monochrome/beat hotel
Front of The Beat Hotel
monochrome/madame rachou harold norsehe asked pictures january
Madame Rachou with Harold Norse.He asked me to take these pictures in January 1963
monochrome/terrasse thetabac st michel favourite meeting
The "terrasse" of theTabac St-Michel was one of the favourite meeting places
monochrome/cyclops lester outside tabac st michel
"Cyclops" Lester outside the Tabac St-Michel
monochrome/american action painter william morris outside
American action painter William Morris, outside the Beat Hotel, 9, Rue Git-le-Coeur
monochrome/public telephones telephone boxes cafes
Public telephones were not in telephone boxes, but in cafes
monochrome/chez jean boulevard st germain restaurants paris
Chez Jean, in Boulevard St-Germain; one of the few restaurants in Paris that still
monochrome/lee forest american fashion model winter 1956
Lee Forest, an American fashion model, winter 1956. Behind her is the 11th century
monochrome/austin 7 i park quai des grands augustins end
My Austin 7, which I would park on the Quai des Grands Augustins at the end of Rue
monochrome/rue git le coeur means where lies heart henry 1v
Rue Git-le-Coeur, which means "where lies the heart"
monochrome/cafe door
The cafe door
monochrome/view room 41
View from Room 41
monochrome/madame rachou counting 40 centimes price cup coffee
Madame Rachou counting out 40 centimes, the price of a cup of coffee, for which Keith
monochrome/diane barker mirtaud room view st chapelle 41
Diane Barker and Mirtaud. The only room with a view of St. Chapelle was 41, which
monochrome/francois massal photographing i photographed
Francois Massal, photographing me after I had photographed a group of diners in the
monochrome/lunchtime cafe workmen lunches re heated madame
Lunchtime in the cafe. Workmen could have their lunches re-heated on Madame Rachou's
monochrome/gregory corso like myself great nun collector
Gregory Corso, like myself, was a great nun-collector. In Place de Furstenberg, St
monochrome/main entrance hotel door locked penetrating
The main entrance of the hotel. The door, which was never locked, made a penetrating
monochrome/eunice richards volkmar von alten reading room
Eunice Richards and Volkmar von Alten in the reading room of the Mistral bookstore
monochrome/nick smart usa place st andre des arts
Nick Smart, from the USA, in Place St-Andre-des-Arts. He organised the selling of
monochrome/alex campbell relaxing monaco bar popular beats
Alex Campbell relaxing in the Monaco Bar, which was popular with the Beats..."My
monochrome/view room 27
View from Room 27
monochrome/the flea bag shrine documented art historians
"the flea-bag shrine will be documented by art historians"... (Harold Norse
monochrome/gregory corso priest ile da la cite spring 1957
Gregory Corso behind a priest on the Ile da la Cite. Spring 1957
monochrome/peter orlovsky allen ginsberg rue st andre des arts
Peter Orlovsky and Allen Ginsberg in Rue St. Andre-des-Arts, December 1956. At that time
monochrome/beat hotel thirteenth class establishment looking
The Beat Hotel; a thirteenth-class establishment; looking towards the Quai des Grands
monochrome/road band hitch hikers resting popular meeting place
On the road. A band of hitch-hikers resting in a popular meeting-place on the corner
monochrome/cafe le royal heart stgermain des pres nightly
Cafe le Royal in the heart of St.Germain-des-Pres was the nightly meeting place of
monochrome/bob grosvenor tuba pug guitar verta kali smart
Bob Grosvenor with tuba, "Pug" with guitar, and Verta Kali Smart in headscarf
monochrome/rue git le coeur
Rue Git-le-Coeur
monochrome/thelma shumsky new york corner rue lhirondelle
Thelma Shumsky from New York, on the corner of Rue de l'Hirondelle and Rue
monochrome/view room 29
View from Room 29
monochrome/left right robin page canadian painter peter bishop
Left to right: Robin Page, Canadian painter; Peter Bishop, English journalist; Larry
monochrome/diane barker american poet angus maclise
Diane Barker and American poet Angus Maclise
monochrome/madame rachou described dixie nimmo pugnacious
Madame Rachou, described by Dixie Nimmo as "pugnacious" and "kindly"
monochrome/william burroughs outside beat hotel 1958
William Burroughs, outside the Beat Hotel. 1958
monochrome/daytime tabac st michel waiters night i try avoid
Daytime at the Tabac St-Michel; one of the waiters whom at night I would try to avoid
monochrome/william burroughs beat hotel paris 1960
William Burroughs in the Beat Hotel in Paris, 1960
monochrome/pictures dominiques room commissioned parents
The pictures of Dominique's room were commissioned by her parents after she had died
monochrome/left right peter orlovsky allen ginsberg double sided
Left to right: Peter Orlovsky, Allen Ginsberg, on a double-sided bench, Place St
monochrome/harold chapman photographer author beat hotel
Harold Chapman, photographer and author of The Beat Hotel. Paris 1960s
monochrome/william burroughs beat hotel paris france 1958
William Burroughs in the Beat Hotel, Paris, France. 1958. Photo by Harold Chapman
nostalgia john tophams britain/horsedrawn plantform hop fields
Horsedrawn plantform in Hop Fields
nostalgia john tophams britain/horse riding group 1933
Horse riding (group). 1933
london life/new port london authority building sculptured
New Port of London Authority Building. The Sculptured Rams heads are notable for their
nostalgia john tophams britain/furrowing 1933
Furrowing. 1933
nostalgia john tophams britain/mrs smith wakens dockers limehouse peashooter
Mrs. Smith wakens the dockers of Limehouse with her peashooter in 1927
monochrome/piero heliczer poet dead language press visiting
Piero Heliczer, poet of the "Dead Language Press, visiting the hotel for a free
monochrome/ian sommerville montparnasse
Ian Sommerville in Montparnasse
adverts posters/wwii poster 1941
2 May 2001
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golden age trains/steam train mastodout italy nineteenth century
8 May 2001
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royal families/royal tan right jockey brian marshall winning
9 May 2001
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nostalgia john tophams britain/slum street limehouse early 1930s places did
10 May 2001
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monochrome/dutch painter guy harloff who studio hotel
16 May 2001
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motorsport topfoto/eric peugeot 4 year old grandson french car magnate
17 May 2001
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royal families/duke edinburgh uncle admiral fleet earl
23 May 2001
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nostalgia john tophams britain/iron horse hauling timber 1931
24 May 2001
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nostalgia john tophams britain/furrowing 1933
25 May 2001
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nostalgia john tophams britain/horse riding group 1933
30 May 2001
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nostalgia john tophams britain/miss robins riding 1933
31 May 2001
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