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Kent Life

A collection of Kent Life images

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kent life/delivery 12th november 1959 postman frederick
On His Last Delivery, 12th November 1959 Postman Frederick Smith of Essex Road, Longfield
#media dmcs-11278272
kent life/winston churchill home library chartwell
Winston Churchill at home in his library in Chartwell Westerham Kent
#media dmcs-11278076
kent life/winston churchill building wall house chartwell
Winston Churchill building a wall at his house Chartwell near Westerham Kent. At
#media dmcs-11278037
fashionistas/waldershare park near deal kent left right
At Waldershare Park near Deal in Kent ; left to right ; Major Wykeham Musgrave
#media dmcs-11003148
nostalgia john tophams britain/doctors queen marys hospital sidcup kent
Doctors at Queen Mary's Hospital in Sidcup, Kent, have produced a film on the life
#media dmcs-10987813
kent life/swept off feet pop idol long john baldry
Swept off her feet by her pop idol Long John Baldry, is beauty queen Christine James
#media dmcs-11278228
fashionistas/typical countrymen long service estate employees
Typical Countrymen Long service estate employees at the Tunbridge Wells Agricultural
#media dmcs-11008126
nostalgia john tophams britain/hop picking paddock wood kent 7th september 1962
Hop picking in Paddock Wood Kent 7th September 1962
#media dmcs-10987889
nostalgia john tophams britain/aerial view joyce green temple hill estate dartford kent
Aerial view of the Joyce Green, Temple Hill Estate, Dartford, Kent. 18 December 1958
#media dmcs-10985802
kent life/stilt walker work kent hopfields tying string
Stilt walker at work in Kent hopfields tying up the string on which hop bines will
#media dmcs-11275618
nostalgia john tophams britain/testing electrified railway lines steam train swanley
Testing electrified railway lines by steam train in Swanley , Kent . 1938
#media dmcs-10990902
nostalgia john tophams britain/exterior view commodore cinema 1933
Exterior view of Commodore Cinema. 1933
#media dmcs-10989918
nostalgia john tophams britain/gallipoli service eltham kent reverand
The Gallipoli service in Eltham, Kent. The Reverand H Hall with Major M M Del Monte
#media dmcs-10986122
nostalgia john tophams britain/building work widening swanley bridge kent 1938
Building work on the widening of the Swanley Bridge in Kent. 1938
#media dmcs-10985962
nostalgia john tophams britain/swanley road widening 1938
Swanley road widening. 1938
#media dmcs-10984216
nostalgia john tophams britain/gypsy caravans tents belvedere marshes kent
Gypsy caravans and tents on Belvedere Marshes , Kent
#media dmcs-10984054
nostalgia john tophams britain/mr oliver firrell blacksmith matfield green kent
Mr Oliver Firrell, blacksmith of Matfield Green, Kent. 1938
#media dmcs-10981334
nostalgia john tophams britain/road works swanley widening road 1938
Road works at Swanley - widening the road. 1938
#media dmcs-10980345
nostalgia john tophams britain/hop kilns removing dried hops kilns goudhurst
Hop Kilns removing dried hops from the kilns in Goudhurst. ( A general view ) 1937
#media dmcs-10980083
nostalgia john tophams britain/postman cycling snow bough beech kent 28th
Postman cycling through snow in Bough Beech, Kent. 28th December 1962
#media dmcs-10974280
nostalgia john tophams britain/villagers swanley kent demonstrate favour
Villagers of Swanley Kent demonstrate in favour of a zebra crossing and by pass July 1960
#media dmcs-10973488
kent life/switch board commodore cinema orpington
Switch Board at Commodore Cinema, Orpington, Kent in the 1930s, with cinema staff looking
#media dmcs-11354525
kent life/generators commodore cinema orpington kent 1930s
Generators at the Commodore Cinema, Orpington, Kent in the 1930s, with cinema staff
#media dmcs-11354524
kent life/bassetts chiddingstone hoath kent england c 1880
Bassetts Mill Chiddingstone Hoath Kent England c. 1880
#media dmcs-11278338
kent life/chalk quarry cement greenhithe kent 1953
Chalk quarry for cement. Greenhithe, Kent - 1953
#media dmcs-11276258
kent life/aerial view edenbridge kent industrial estate
Aerial view of Edenbridge Kent. industrial estate, bottom left is within the town
#media dmcs-11275995
kent life/sir mortimer wheeler archaeologist personality
Sir Mortimer Wheeler Archaeologist and personality of TV programme "Animal
#media dmcs-11275619
kent life/bleak house home charles dickens broadstairs
Bleak House which was once the home of Charles Dickens. Broadstairs, Kent, England
#media dmcs-11275377
nostalgia john tophams britain/mr gutbush swanley station master 1938
Mr Gutbush, The Swanley Station Master. 1938
#media dmcs-10991741
nostalgia john tophams britain/aerial view swanley kent england main road
Aerial view Swanley, Kent, England and the main road that runs through the town
#media dmcs-10991315
nostalgia john tophams britain/watched customers landlord mr h mills pouring
Watched by customers and the landlord Mr H Mills pouring out beer Ginger a 9 year
#media dmcs-10989225
nostalgia john tophams britain/new swanley train station kent 1939
The new Swanley train station in Kent. 1939
#media dmcs-10988161
nostalgia john tophams britain/nursery congress phillip ladd s nursery
Nursery congress at Phillip Ladd 's Nursery on Goldsel Road in Swanley, Kent. 1936
#media dmcs-10987223
nostalgia john tophams britain/mr mrs morris wheeler miss f tomphis horton
Mr and Mrs Morris Wheeler and Miss F Tomphis at the Horton Kirby fete held at Franks Hall
#media dmcs-10986958
nostalgia john tophams britain/women hop pickers beltring kent worker
Women hop pickers in Beltring, Kent. Each worker has a gas mask over their shoulder
#media dmcs-10986020
nostalgia john tophams britain/mrs doris line posing goddess venus sidcup kent
Mrs Doris Line posing as the Goddess Venus in Sidcup, Kent. 1937
#media dmcs-10985323
nostalgia john tophams britain/orpington engines kent 1934
Orpington fire engines, Kent. 1934
#media dmcs-10983052
nostalgia john tophams britain/opening commodore cinema orpington kent 1933
Opening at Commodore Cinema Orpington, Kent 1933
#media dmcs-10982439
nostalgia john tophams britain/staff commodore cinema orpington kent uniforms
Staff at Commodore Cinema, Orpington, Kent, in their uniforms. Movie theatre, 1930s
#media dmcs-10982147
nostalgia john tophams britain/workmen paint road markings road traffic
Workmen paint road markings on the road by some traffic lights in Swanley
#media dmcs-10981362
nostalgia john tophams britain/halfway house swanley kent 1935
Halfway House, Swanley, Kent. 1935
#media dmcs-10980810
nostalgia john tophams britain/sack race swanley kent 1939
A sack race in Swanley, Kent. 1939
#media dmcs-10980788
nostalgia john tophams britain/agricultural machinery mr chris lambert
Agricultural Machinery : Mr Chris Lambert, of Horsmonden, Kent, was a steam haulage
#media dmcs-10980764
nostalgia john tophams britain/tarring roads swanley kent 1936
Tarring roads in Swanley, Kent. 1936
#media dmcs-10980694
nostalgia john tophams britain/children paddling orpington 1937
Children paddling, Orpington. 1937
#media dmcs-10974039
kent life/evelyn oliver s exhibition paintings sidcup kent
Evelyn Oliver ' s exhibition of paintings in Sidcup, Kent. 1936
#media dmcs-11278278
kent life/milk man horse float stands street unexploded
Milk man with his horse and float stands in a street where an unexploded bomb has
#media dmcs-11278138
kent life/29 november 1937 sidcup brigade gas clothing
29 November 1937 Sidcup fire brigade in gas clothing A©John Topham / TopFoto
#media dmcs-11278061
kent life/winston churchill kent agricultural maidstone
Winston Churchill at the Kent Agricultural Show in Maidstone 15th July 1948
#media dmcs-11276256


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