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The Party Season

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party season/jitterbugs come london dance dancing
Jitterbugs come to London. dance / dancing / party season / celebration / happy vintage
#media dmcs-11388806
party season/jive 1950 dance dancing party season
The jive 1950 dance / dancing / party season / celebration / happy vintage news
#media dmcs-11388814
party season/yesterday thursday centuries old cornish
Yesterday (Thursday) the centuries old Cornish Floral Dance re-enacted through the
#media dmcs-11388893
party season/windmill theatre owner miss sheila van dam
Windmill Theatre Owner Miss Sheila Van Dam watches as the curtain comes down over
#media dmcs-11388810
party season/workmen dance newfangled gramophone 1923
Workmen dance to the "newfangled" gramophone - 1923 dance / dancing / party
#media dmcs-11388828
party season/dancing jive jitterbug 1950s dance dancing
Dancing jive or jitterbug 1950s dance / dancing / party season / celebration / happy
#media dmcs-11388919
party season/dance floor young people dancing twist 9
A dance floor full of young people dancing The Twist 9 April 1966 dance / dancing
#media dmcs-11388965
party season/joey heatherton entertains american servicemen
Joey Heatherton, entertains American servicemen with a torrid dance during the troops
#media dmcs-11388963
party season/dove dance americas latest role fan dance
The Dove dance, America's latest role
#media dmcs-11388949
party season/dancing winners hong kong rock n roll
Dancing . The winners of the Hong Kong Rock 'n' roll dancing compeition were
#media dmcs-11388947
party season/sally rand fan dance fame shown positions
Sally Rand of Fan Dance fame is shown in one of the positions in her new dance which
#media dmcs-11388943
party season/commanders appear royal command variety performance
Commanders to appear in the Royal Command of Variety Performance are the young Canadian
#media dmcs-11388931
party season/1962 hully gully new dance craze sweep europe
In 1962 The Hully Gully was the new dance craze to sweep across Europe , patrons
#media dmcs-11388927
party season/scottish country dancing ian gillies partner
Scottish Country Dancing. Ian Gillies and partner demonstrate the interlocking swing
#media dmcs-11388925
party season/saxophone player big jay mcneely beginning
Saxophone player, Big Jay McNeely is beginning to attract interest in the USA
#media dmcs-11388923
party season/young ladies practicing newest dance craze
These three young ladies are practicing the newest dance craze , The Twist , while
#media dmcs-11388907
party season/couple energetically dancing jive jitterbug
Couple energetically Dancing jive or jitterbug 1950s dance / dancing / party
#media dmcs-11388895
party season/beat girls londons dance centre near covent
The Beat Girls , from London's Dance Centre near Covent Garden overjoyed by the news
#media dmcs-11388826
party season/dancing rock n roll 1950s dance dancing
Dancing to rock 'n' roll 1950s dance / dancing / party season / celebration
#media dmcs-11388979
party season/tea dance 1914 dance dancing party season
Tea dance 1914 dance / dancing / party season / celebration / happy vintage news archive
#media dmcs-11388977
party season/eleanor whitney paramount tap dancing starlet
Eleanor Whitney, Paramount tap dancing starlet at a rehearsal
#media dmcs-11388973
party season/big applemakes debut billy bennett big apple
The 'Big Apple'makes it debut with Billy Bennett. The 'Big Apple'
#media dmcs-11388971
party season/usa harlem savoy club lindy hop dance devotees
USA Harlem. The Savoy Club. The Lindy Hop dance by devotees of swing
#media dmcs-11388969
party season/josephine baker new revue paris mes amours
Josephine Baker in her new Revue Paris Mes Amours 1960 dance / dancing / party season
#media dmcs-11388939
party season/windmill girls 1946 dance dancing party
Windmill girls in 1946 dance / dancing / party season / celebration / happy vintage
#media dmcs-11388915
party season/twist 1960s dance dancing party season
Twist 1960s dance / dancing / party season / celebration / happy vintage news archive
#media dmcs-11388911
party season/dancing dingy cellar soho london cy lauries
Dancing in a dingy cellar in Soho , London Cy Laurie's jazz band beats it out
#media dmcs-11388844
party season/ballroom dancing 1940s dance dancing
Ballroom dancing 1940s dance / dancing / party season / celebration / happy vintage
#media dmcs-11388842
party season/twist whisky go dance dancing party season
Twist At Whisky a Go Go dance / dancing / party season / celebration / happy vintage
#media dmcs-11388812
fashionistas/jitterbug 1940s dance dancing party season
JITTERBUG 1940s dance / dancing / party season / celebration / happy vintage news
#media dmcs-11001401
party season/mirror reflects patrons night club dancing
A mirror reflects the patrons in a night club dancing the twist dance / dancing /
#media dmcs-11388967
party season/dance sandals christmas parties exquisite pastel brocades
Dance sandals for Christmas parties are made in exquisite pastel brocades , and black
#media dmcs-11388961
party season/integration nursery mummy soon home
Integration in the nursery - Mummy will soon be along to take her home but with the
#media dmcs-11388959
party season/boy girl toddlers playing dancing partners
Boy and girl toddlers playing together dancing partners dance / dancing / party season
#media dmcs-11388955
party season/tchaikovsky s nutcracker suite performed
Tchaikovsky ' s Nutcracker Suite is being performed by the Festival Ballet and since
#media dmcs-11388951
party season/open air rehearsal rehearsing streets deptford
Open Air Rehearsal. Rehearsing in the streets of Deptford finds a ready audience
#media dmcs-11388945
party season/juke joint outside clarksdale missouri november
Juke Joint outside Clarksdale, Missouri November 1939 dance / dancing / party season
#media dmcs-11388941
party season/debutantes queen charlottes ball london
Debutantes at Queen Charlotte's Ball. London. c. 1959
#media dmcs-11388937
party season/latest dancing craze hit londons dance halls
The latest dancing craze to hit London's dance halls, which is expected to take place
#media dmcs-11388935
party season/christmas pixies shy little pixies who
What is Christmas without pixies? The shy little pixies, who only show up in Christmas
#media dmcs-11388933
party season/happier liverpool life races mix happiness
The happier side of Liverpool life , where races mix and happiness frustrates violence
#media dmcs-11388929
party season/ladies v men new zealand golf club byfleet
Ladies v Men at the New Zealand Golf Club , Byfleet
#media dmcs-11388921
party season/christmas party nutfield centre 1948 dance
A Christmas party in Nutfield Centre 1948 dance / dancing / party season / celebration
#media dmcs-11388913
party season/club american teenagers london sons daughters
Club for American teenagers in London. Sons and daughters of US Embassy Officials
#media dmcs-11388909
party season/invitation dance modern age
Invitation To The Dance. This Modern Age
#media dmcs-11388905
party season/folk dance festival lads country breather
Folk Dance Festival. Lads from the country take a breather: their costumes are adorned
#media dmcs-11388903
party season/school children playing prominent eltham
School children are playing a prominent part in the Eltham Festival celebrations
#media dmcs-11388897
party season/big applemakes debut billy bennett big apple
The 'Big Apple'makes it debut with Billy Bennett. The 'Big Apple'
#media dmcs-11388889
party season/british couple win european ballroom championships
British couple win European ballroom Championships in Berlin
#media dmcs-11388888


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