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Vauxhall and Lambeth

A collection of Vauxhall and Lambeth images

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vauxhall lambeth/lambeth palace new viewpoint open space opened
Lambeth Palace a new viewpoint now that the open space has been opened in front of it
#media dmcs-11397126
vauxhall lambeth/london lambeth walk 1930s history london
London. Lambeth Walk. 1930's History of London - Vauxhall / Lambeth
#media dmcs-11397109
vauxhall lambeth/london typical street market scene lambeth
London - The Typical Street Market scene , Lambeth Street History of London - Vauxhall
#media dmcs-11397314
vauxhall lambeth/archbishop canterbury dr cosmo gordon lang
The Archbishop of Canterbury Dr Cosmo Gordon Lang, gave a reception to missionaries
#media dmcs-11397270
vauxhall lambeth/balloon ascent vauxhall gardens 1849 history
Balloon ascent at Vauxhall Gardens 1849 History of London - Vauxhall / Lambeth
#media dmcs-11397238
vauxhall lambeth/london music hall coster queen lambeth walk
London will see its own music Hall coster Queen do the Lambeth Walk when Kate Carney
#media dmcs-11397107
vauxhall lambeth/lambeth way lambeth walk buying spitfire
Down Lambeth Way . Lambeth Walk is buying a ' Spitfire ' of its own
#media dmcs-11397079
vauxhall lambeth/archbishop canterbury dr cosmo gordon lang
The Archbishop of Canterbury Dr Cosmo Gordon Lang, gave a reception to missionaries
#media dmcs-11397078
vauxhall lambeth/london typical street market scene lambeth
London - The Typical Street Market scene , Lambeth Walk 18 October 1932 History
#media dmcs-11397067
vauxhall lambeth/lambeth parish church entrance lambeth palace
Lambeth Parish Church and entrance to Lambeth Palace
#media dmcs-11724476
vauxhall lambeth/merryweathers steam fire engine merryweather
Merryweather's Steam Fire-Engine - Merryweather & Sons of Lambeth, later Greenwich
#media dmcs-11397129
vauxhall lambeth/ruth lambeth bible history london vauxhall
Ruth. Lambeth Bible History of London - Vauxhall / Lambeth
#media dmcs-11397085
vauxhall lambeth/nos 28 42 vauxhall walk south east london
Nos 28-42 Vauxhall Walk South East London 1950 History of London - Vauxhall / Lambeth
#media dmcs-11396899
vauxhall lambeth/work progresses lambeth bridge view progress
Work progresses on Lambeth Bridge . A view of the progress of the work on Lambeth Bridge
#media dmcs-11397327
vauxhall lambeth/friends 51 years married london register office
Friends of 51 years married at London register office
#media dmcs-11397321
vauxhall lambeth/creation lambeth bible history london
Creation (Lambeth Bible) History of London - Vauxhall / Lambeth
#media dmcs-11397319
vauxhall lambeth/sign lambeth walk public house actor lupino lane
Under the sign of Lambeth Walk public house , actor Lupino Lane ( in bowler hat )
#media dmcs-11397317
vauxhall lambeth/st annes cash carry kitchen vauxhall london
St Anne's Cash and Carry Kitchen at Vauxhall , London in the 1940s History of London
#media dmcs-11397313
vauxhall lambeth/pearly kings queens protest sunday street
Pearly kings and queens protest against Sunday street trading ban at Lambeth
#media dmcs-11397133
school dinners/infant welfare penny children holy trinity
Infant welfare For one penny children of Holy Trinity School Lambeth are provided
#media dmcs-11202720
vauxhall lambeth/lambeth ragged school for girls
The Lambeth Ragged School (for girls)
#media dmcs-11397325
vauxhall lambeth/brighter eros coronation deity beginning shine
Brighter Eros for the Coronation . A deity now beginning to shine with all his former
#media dmcs-11397323
vauxhall lambeth/scene fifth final test match england south africa
Scene during the fifth and final test match between England and South Africa
#media dmcs-11397322
vauxhall lambeth/princess helena victoria opens christmas
Princess Helena Victoria opens Christmas market at St Thomas 's Hospital
#media dmcs-11397315
vauxhall lambeth/englishman mrs castle pictured car park
An Englishman is a Mrs Castle, and pictured on a car park in London's Vauxhall today
#media dmcs-11397307
vauxhall lambeth/night queue lying state king george v westminster hall
The all night queue for lying in state of King George V at Westminster Hall , at
#media dmcs-11397305
vauxhall lambeth/miss joan pearson weds wedding miss joan pearson
Miss Joan Pearson weds . The wedding of Miss Joan Pearson , grand daughter of the
#media dmcs-11397302
vauxhall lambeth/woman calls prince wales teddy shakes hand
Woman calls the Prince of Wales ' Teddy ' and shakes his hand
#media dmcs-11397262
vauxhall lambeth/children playing old boat triangle adventure
Children playing in an old boat in the Triangle Adventure Playground converted
#media dmcs-11397244
vauxhall lambeth/patricia purser 18 camberwell who elected
Patricia Purser, 18, of Camberwell, who has been elected "Merchant Navy Queen"
#media dmcs-11397242
vauxhall lambeth/london brigade amber lights right way
London Fire Brigade have amber lights to give right of way
#media dmcs-11397240
vauxhall lambeth/lambeth walk 1940 history london vauxhall
Lambeth Walk 1940 History of London - Vauxhall / Lambeth
#media dmcs-11397236
vauxhall lambeth/watermen steering barge underneath lambeth bridge
Watermen steering their barge underneath Lambeth Bridge , London
#media dmcs-11397235
vauxhall lambeth/lambeth ragged school boys 1846
The Lambeth "Ragged School" (boys), 1846
#media dmcs-11397232
vauxhall lambeth/london lee authentic sketch ascent vauxhall
London and Lee : The only Authentic Sketch of the Ascent of the Vauxhall Balloon
#media dmcs-11397229
vauxhall lambeth/lambeth bible manasseh right isaiah history
Lambeth Bible. Manasseh on right. Isaiah. History of London - Vauxhall / Lambeth
#media dmcs-11397228
vauxhall lambeth/11 year old lambeth boy sells firewood bombed
11 year old Lambeth boy sells firewood from bombed houses for London's War weapon
#media dmcs-11397224
vauxhall lambeth/disastrous overflowing thames normal high tide
The disastrous overflowing of the Thames: The normal high-tide level at the point
#media dmcs-11397184
vauxhall lambeth/getting rid heat wave thirst photo shows
Getting Rid Of A Heat Wave Thirst Photo shows : A fountain in Kennington Park Quenches
#media dmcs-11397155
vauxhall lambeth/new childrens court lambeth town hall history
The new childrens court at Lambeth Town Hall. History of London - Vauxhall / Lambeth
#media dmcs-11397136
vauxhall lambeth/seen westminster today endless queue waiting
Seen at Westminster today is part of the endless queue waiting to file silently into
#media dmcs-11397135
vauxhall lambeth/st jerome writing preface hand god left
St Jerome writing his preface with hand of God on left
#media dmcs-11397128
vauxhall lambeth/panoramic view oval 1930 test match 16 august
A panoramic view of the Oval during the 1930 test match 16 August 1930 History
#media dmcs-11397123
vauxhall lambeth/baby organised lambeth london today saturday
At the baby show is organised in Lambeth, London, today, Saturday, 8 months old Rodney
#media dmcs-11397121
vauxhall lambeth/infants class holy trinity dcc school lambeth
Infants Class at Holy Trinity DCC School Lambeth 1930 History of London - Vauxhall
#media dmcs-11397120
vauxhall lambeth/hot weather proved woman spectator oval morning
The hot weather proved too much for this woman spectator at the Oval this morning
#media dmcs-11397119
vauxhall lambeth/opening new lambeth bridge 1932 history london
Opening the new Lambeth Bridge 1932 History of London - Vauxhall / Lambeth
#media dmcs-11397118
vauxhall lambeth/tidy end mr x jacket shoes vauxhall bridge
The tidy end of Mr X..... A jacket and shoes - on Vauxhall Bridge
#media dmcs-11397112
vauxhall lambeth/death saul gilboa 12th century lambeth bible
The death of Saul at Gilboa from 12th Century Lambeth Bible
#media dmcs-11397106


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