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Man, Myth and Magic

A collection of Man, Myth and Magic images

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man myth magic/solar eclipse viewed trilithon portals stonehenge
Solar eclipse viewed through the trilithon portals of Stonehenge, the three monoliths
#media dmcs-10975931
man myth magic/cave art lascaux prehistoric cave painting
Cave Art - Lascaux - Prehistoric cave painting of running horse, from the cave system
#media dmcs-10976124
man myth magic/cave paintings cave paintings stag axial
CAVE PAINTINGS Detail of cave paintings of a stag, from the Axial Gallery of Lascaux
#media dmcs-10976104
man myth magic/royston cave templar cave royston hertfordshire
THE ROYSTON CAVE Templar cave at Royston, Hertfordshire, possibly used by the Knights
#media dmcs-10975829
man myth magic/cave paintings paintings maidens cloud maidens
CAVE PAINTINGS Paintings of maidens (cloud maidens, or lightening princesses)
#media dmcs-10976132
man myth magic/astrology nostradamus schema cosmos mundus
ASTROLOGY - NOSTRADAMUS The schema of the cosmos [Mundus Elementaris] according
#media dmcs-10976116
man myth magic/demon forms behemoth leviathan visualized
The demon-forms of Behemoth and Leviathan as visualized by William Blake in his
#media dmcs-10976098
man myth magic/ufos unidentified flying objects skies 7 august 1566
UFOs Unidentified flying objects in the skies on 7 August 1566 (the month after the
#media dmcs-10976092
man myth magic/cave paintings drawings prehistoric cave
CAVE PAINTINGS AND DRAWINGS. Prehistoric cave painting of Horse from Lascaux (Axial
#media dmcs-10975905
man myth magic/cave art prehistoric painting bison walls
CAVE ART. Prehistoric painting of Bison on the walls of Lascaux cave
#media dmcs-10975831
man myth magic/nostradamus titlepage titlepage les vrayes
NOSTRADAMUS - TITLEPAGE Titlepage of Les Vrayes Centuries et Propheties de Maistre
#media dmcs-10976136
man myth magic/nostradamus titlepage nostradamus prophecies
NOSTRADAMUS - Titlepage of Nostradamus' 'Prophecies' in the (Amsterdam)
#media dmcs-10976134
man myth magic/cave art pictograph lizard man carved
CAVE ART. Pictograph of a 'lizard-man' carved by shamans or indian artists
#media dmcs-10976128
man myth magic/easter island birdman mythology huge dwellings
Easter Island Birdman Mythology Part of the huge dwellings on the rim of the volcano
#media dmcs-10976126
man myth magic/easter island early maps lithographic
Easter Island - early maps - Lithographic reproductions of 18th century sea charts
#media dmcs-10976122
man myth magic/mythology ovid titlepage ovids poem metamorphosis
MYTHOLOGY - OVID The titlepage of Ovid's poem, Metamorphosis, turned into English
#media dmcs-10976114
man myth magic/astrology eclipses woodcut illustrating
ASTROLOGY - ECLIPSES A woodcut illustrating the effect of one of the seven eclipses
#media dmcs-10976112
man myth magic/nostradamus fantasy portrait nostradamus
NOSTRADAMUS - Fantasy portrait of Nostradamus with hour-glass
#media dmcs-10976110
man myth magic/constellation map denderah nineteenth century
Constellation Map Denderah A nineteenth century engraving of the roof zodiac or
#media dmcs-10976108
man myth magic/nostradamus sample quatrains fifty years
NOSTRADAMUS - SAMPLE QUATRAINS Within a hundred and fifty years of the death of
#media dmcs-10976102
man myth magic/polynesian mythology polynesian statue private
POLYNESIAN MYTHOLOGY Detail of Polynesian statue in private collection on the island
#media dmcs-10976100
man myth magic/nostradamus st remy rue nostradamus st remy
NOSTRADAMUS - ST REMY. Rue de Nostradamus in St Remy, where Nostradamus was born
#media dmcs-10976096
man myth magic/easter island birdman cult birdman images
Easter Island - Birdman cult - Birdman images mingling with Christian symbols
#media dmcs-10976094
man myth magic/arthurian dozmary pool haunted pool dozmary
Arthurian - Dozmary Pool - The haunted pool of Dozmary, on Bodmin Moor. It was in
#media dmcs-10976090
man myth magic/nostradamus portrait french clairvoyant
NOSTRADAMUS -. Portrait of the French clairvoyant, Michel Nostradamus (1503-1566))
#media dmcs-10976088
man myth magic/portrait nostradamus seated desk rectangular
Portrait of Nostradamus, seated at his desk, within a rectangular surround decorated
#media dmcs-10976082
man myth magic/nostradamus titlepage titlepage les propheties m
NOSTRADAMUS - TITLEPAGE Titlepage of Les Propheties de M. Michel Nostradamus - a
#media dmcs-10976080
man myth magic/fantasy combining element early nineteenth
Fantasy, combining element of the early nineteenth century Epinal print with the
#media dmcs-10976078
man myth magic/cave paintings frescoes detail cloud maidens
CAVE PAINTINGS Frescoes (detail) of the cloud maidens, or lightening princesses
#media dmcs-10975975
man myth magic/pictographs space men native american pictographs
PICTOGRAPHS - SPACE-MEN. Native American pictographs, some depicting animal-gods
#media dmcs-10975965
man myth magic/rosicrucian chakras zodiac image cosmic
ROSICRUCIAN - CHAKRAS - ZODIAC The image of Cosmic Man and Woman with the planetary
#media dmcs-10975961
man myth magic/buddhism largest cast metal statue buddha
Buddhism The largest cast metal statue of Buddha in the world in Lantau Island at
#media dmcs-10975959
man myth magic/theosophy thought forms astral plane
THEOSOPHY - THOUGHT-FORMS - ASTRAL PLANE Occult vision of the music of Gounod, being
#media dmcs-10975957
man myth magic/easter island upright giant statues near
Easter Island A few of the upright giant statues near the ancient volcanic quarry
#media dmcs-10975955
man myth magic/easter island statue easter island ctopfoto
Easter Island - Statue on Easter Island.- ©TopFoto / Charles Walker
#media dmcs-10975953
man myth magic/portrait presumably originally ink drawing
Portrait [presumably originally an ink drawing] of Michel Nostradamus by Honore Daumier
#media dmcs-10975951
man myth magic/nostradamus titlepage true prophecies prognostications
NOSTRADAMUS - TITLEPAGE The True Prophecies or Prognostications of Michael Nostradamus
#media dmcs-10975949
man myth magic/nostradamus portrait nostradamus portrait woodcut
NOSTRADAMUS - PORTRAIT OF NOSTRADAMUS Portrait woodcut, as frontispiece to the Life
#media dmcs-10975945
man myth magic/easter island bird cult heads bird headed
Easter Island Bird Cult Heads of two bird headed deities fresco fragment in the
#media dmcs-10975943
man myth magic/horoscopes william blake horoscope english mystic
HOROSCOPES - WILLIAM BLAKE The horoscope of the English mystic, artist and poet
#media dmcs-10975941
man myth magic/nostradamus signature faltering signature
NOSTRADAMUS - SIGNATURE The faltering signature of the clairvoyant astrologer Michel
#media dmcs-10975939
man myth magic/nostradamus statue nostradamus salon town
NOSTRADAMUS - Statue of Nostradamus in Salon, the town where he lied and died. The
#media dmcs-10975937
man myth magic/easter island raised upright giant statues
Easter Island - The raised upright giant statues below the ancient volcanic quarry
#media dmcs-10975935
man myth magic/easter island group megalithic statues easter island
Easter Island - Group of megalithic statues on Easter Island
#media dmcs-10975933
man myth magic/portrait nostradamus woodcut preface illustration
Portrait of Nostradamus [woodcut] as preface illustration to 'La Vie', in
#media dmcs-10975929
man myth magic/nostradamus prediction nova quatrain 2
NOSTRADAMUS - PREDICTION OF NOVA. In quatrain 2:41 (published 1555), Nostradamus
#media dmcs-10975927
man myth magic/easter island upright giant staues near
Easter Island. One of the upright giant staues near the ancient volcanic quarry
#media dmcs-10975923
man myth magic/easter island birdman cult birdman carvings
Easter Island - Birdman cult - Birdman carvings on the Christian baptismal font in
#media dmcs-10975921
man myth magic/easter island upright giant statues near
EASTER ISLAND - One of the upright giant statues near the ancient volcanic quarry
#media dmcs-10975919


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