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1920s/fashion/mother daughter play miss nancy price daughter
Mother and daughter in the same play. Miss Nancy Price and her daughter, Miss
1920s/fashion/society deauville france miss betty sassoon deauville
Society at Deauville, France Miss Betty Sassoon at Deauville Races 8 August 1923
fashionistas/lido miss dora kaiser rosenauer miss margaret wolfe
On the Lido Miss Dora Kaiser Rosenauer, Miss Margaret Wolfe, Mrs Max Bernheim 1927
fashionistas/miss gladys yule daughter sir david lady yule
Miss Gladys Yule, daughter of Sir David and Lady Yule, photographed at home at
art deco glamour/baroness who won 12 000 deauville baroness
Baroness who won ?12, 000 at Deauville. The Baroness Lilian Macchioro Vivalba
1920s/fashion/lido miss iris ford count maurice bosdari 25 august
On the Lido Miss Iris Ford and Count Maurice De Bosdari 25 August 1926
art deco glamour/countess s fight ban vera countess cathcart
Countess 's fight against ban. Vera Countess Cathcart ( left ) aboard the liner
1920s/fashion/film stars miss corinne griffith
Film stars. Miss Corinne Griffith
1920s/fashion/oxford university cricketer m crawley june 1928
Oxford University cricketer. A M Crawley. June 1928
1920s/fashion/challenge world ann marie elizabeth sugar
Their challenge to the world. Ann, Marie and Elizabeth, Sugar, sisters of Budapest
1920s/fashion/michaelson millions miss norah chetwynd member
The Michaelson millions. Miss Norah Chetwynd, a member of Kansas City 's "
1920s/fashion/stage film romance fern oakley toronto charming
Stage and Film Romance Fern Oakley Of Toronto one of the most charming members of
1920s/fashion/sales time kensington 1928
Sales time in Kensington. 1928
1920s/fashion/twin sisters stockholm who perfectly illustrate
Twin sisters to Stockholm, who perfectly illustrate the Swedish type of beauty
1920s/fashion/royal academy private view sir kyneston studd
Royal Academy private view. Sir Kyneston Studd and the Lady Mayoress leaving. 3
1920s/fashion/marchioness carisbrooke grafton galleries
Marchioness of Carisbrooke at Grafton Galleries. 14 July 1930
1920s/fashion/lido miss iris ford count maurice bosdari 25 august
On the Lido Miss Iris Ford and Count Maurice De Bosdari 25 August 1926
1920s/fashion/premier s wife dramatist countess margit bethlen
A Premier ' s wife as a dramatist. Countess Margit Bethlen, wife of the Hungarian
1920s/fashion/colleen moore film actress 1924
Colleen Moore, Film Actress 1924
1920s/fashion/mme clothilde sakharoff who represent russia
Mme Clothilde Sakharoff, who will represent Russia at the Pageant of Fair Women
1920s/fashion/sales time kensington scene barkers 28 december
Sales time in Kensington. Scene at Barker's. 28 December 1928
1920s/fashion/lady nicotine baroness haymerle wife president
" Lady Nicotine ". Baroness Haymerle, wife of the President of the Vienna
1920s/fashion/prettiest british brunette 17 year old miss kitty
Prettiest British Brunette 17 year old Miss Kitty Foster chosen by Mr Stuart Blackton
1920s/fashion/royal academy private view mrs laura knight ra
Royal Academy private view. Mrs Laura Knight RA and Miss Parry Cohen. 3 May 1929
1920s/fashion/kings garden party buckingham palace sir w lady
The Kings Garden Party Buckingham Palace Sir W and Lady Davidson and their daughter
1920s/fashion/royal ascot berkshire united kingdom colonel
Royal Ascot, Berkshire United Kingdom Colonel and Mrs Mcgrath 13 June 1922
1920s/fashion/betty stella doyle english film stars who names
Betty and Stella Doyle, two English film stars, who have made names and a fortune
1920s/fashion/white fingers like fireflies fern andra german
White Fingers like fireflies. Fern Andra, the German film star, who is now in London
1920s/fashion/lady medal mme saima neovi characteristic type
The lady on the medal. Mme Saima Neovi, a characteristic type of Swedish beauty
1920s/fashion/film stars betty compson
Film stars. Betty Compson
1920s/fashion/manchester girl who starring berlin miss annaliese
Manchester girl who is now starring in Berlin. Miss Annaliese Wurtz, who is playing
1920s/fashion/making wax models sages grays inn road
The making of wax models at Sage's, Gray's Inn Road
fashionistas/famous british actress miss chrissie white hepworth
Famous British actress, Miss Chrissie White, the Hepworth star
fashionistas/miquette new selfridge chief mannequin following
"Miquette", The new Selfridge chief Mannequin, following in the footsteps
fashionistas/easter 1936 dawn famous selfridge model outsize
Easter, 1936. "Dawn the famous Selfridge model and an outsize Easter egg
fashionistas/eton versus harrow lords mrs frederick isitt
Eton versus Harrow at Lords. Mrs Frederick Isitt 12 July 1929
fashionistas/miss elinor glyn author 30 november 1922
Miss Elinor Glyn, the author 30 November 1922
fashionistas/lido marquis marchesa sommi picenardo mme vogel
On the Lido Marquis and Marchesa Sommi Picenardo ( MME Vogel of New York )
fashionistas/society leader host countess radolin kuraky
Society leader as " Mine Host ". The Countess Radolin Kuraky, a former leader
fashionistas/hungarian sister countesses scots ancestry
Hungarian sister Countesses of Scots ancestry. The sister Countesses Erody Scott
fashionistas/signora franca floria distinguished italian visitor
Signora Franca Floria. A distinguished Italian visitor to London 8 August 1922
fashionistas/lido mrs louis beaumont 1927
On the Lido Mrs Louis Beaumont 1927
fashionistas/varsity lords cricket ground miss greta saar
Varsity at Lords Cricket Ground. Miss Greta Saar, The Austrian singer 12 July 1929
fashionistas/lido lady wimborne 25 august 1926 believed alice
On the Lido Lady Wimborne 25 August 1926 believed to be Alice Grosvenor
fashionistas/mrs reginald vanderbilt wearing famous robes
Mrs Reginald Vanderbilt, wearing one of her famous " Robes de Style "
fashionistas/mr mrs adolphe menjou le touquet 1 august 1929
Mr and Mrs Adolphe Menjou at Le Touquet. 1 August 1929 Adolphe Jean Menjou
fashionistas/polo ranelagh mrs pasquero left 29 1928
Polo at Ranelagh. Mrs Pasquero ( left ). 29 May 1928
fashionistas/cowes week opens mrs bennett hasset lord dunraven
Cowes week opens Mrs Bennett Hasset and Lord Dunraven 1 August 1921
fashionistas/baroness lucy morpurgo daughter fashion leader
The Baroness Lucy Morpurgo, with her daughter. Fashion leader who makes and designs
fashionistas/hunt slipper ball savoy miss linder d armond
' The Hunt the Slipper Ball ' at the savoy Miss Linder D ' Armond, of
fashionistas/fish snake skins used fashionable shoes gerrett sons
Fish and snake skins used for fashionable shoes at Gerrett and sons. 19 September 1925
fashionistas/python skin boots gerrett sons 10 september 1925
Python skin boots at Gerrett and sons. 10 September 1925
fashionistas/eton versus harrow cricket match lords cricket
Eton Versus Harrow Cricket Match at Lords Cricket Ground Lord Drogheda arriving 15
fashionistas/lido mr mrs leonard gollance 25 august 1926
On the Lido Mr and Mrs Leonard Gollance 25 August 1926
fashionistas/deauville season lady pedler completing seaside
The Deauville Season. Lady Pedler completing her seaside toilet at Deauville 10
fashionistas/study baroness morpurgo italy s beautiful women
A study of the Baroness Morpurgo, one of Italy ' s most beautiful women. The Baroness
fashionistas/lord lonsdales double mr aubrey fitzgerald
Lord Lonsdale's "Double". Mr Aubrey Fitzgerald, who bears a remarkable
fashionistas/lady crosfield 1921
Lady Crosfield. 1921
fashionistas/famous french dressmaker london mme gabriel chanel
Most Famous French dressmaker for London Mme Gabriel Chanel, described by Parisians
fashionistas/hon mrs vickers son le bain 1922
Hon Mrs Vickers and her son at Six Le Bain 1922
fashionistas/remarkable head dress worn bride black forest
Remarkable head dress worn by a bride in the Black Forest country of Germany 25 May 1920
fashionistas/authors versus actresses cricket hampstead cricket
Authors versus actresses cricket at Hampstead Cricket Club Miss Margery Binner
fashionistas/countess society leader monkey farm countess segonsac
Countess Society leader with a monkey farm. Countess de Segonsac, who maintains
fashionistas/mlle rolthoir 9 july 1920
Mlle Rolthoir 9 July 1920
fashionistas/miss peggy lamont england s beautiful girl
Miss Peggy Lamont, England 's most beautiful girl, in latest ermine cape cloak
fashionistas/famous international dress designer london
Famous international dress designer in London. Ladislas Czettel, the famous international
fashionistas/eton versus harrow lords sir clement lady kinloch
Eton versus Harrow at Lords. Sir Clement and Lady Kinloch Cooke 12 July 1929
fashionistas/fashion royal ascot races
Fashion at Royal Ascot races
fashionistas/princess mary little folks home princess mary
Princess Mary and the Little Folks Home Princess Mary gave her patronage to a party
fashionistas/society garden party lady hulton s residence
Society garden party at Lady Hulton 's residence. Lady Arthur Pearson ( left )
fashionistas/eton versus harrow lords prince princess arthur
Eton versus Harrow at Lords. Prince and Princess Arthur of Connaught 1929
fashionistas/brockenhurst junior tennis tournament miss s
Brockenhurst Junior Tennis Tournament. Miss S. Churchill (Daughter of Mr Winston
fashionistas/latest fancy dress miss betty brook english
The latest in fancy dress. Miss Betty Brook, an English girl who is starring in
fashionistas/miss mona ivian 7 december 1922
Miss Mona Ivian 7 December 1922
fashionistas/polo hurlingham queen s bays versus 10th hussars
Polo at Hurlingham - Queen 's Bays versus 10th Hussars. Mrs Arthur Franke
fashionistas/eton harrow cricket match lords london lady mary
At Eton and Harrow cricket match at Lords, London Lady Mary Thynne and the Earl
The Stencilled Back
fashionistas/shoe making wh smith sloane street models
Last and shoe making at W.H. Smith, Sloane Street. Two models of ladies feet
fashionistas/polish minister s wife wonderful dish spinach
Polish Minister ' s Wife With Wonderful Dish of Spinach Emerald The Countess Jean
fashionistas/fashion s latest craze miss mona vivian pet
Fashion ' s Latest Craze Miss Mona Vivian with her pet cat painted on her shoulder
fashionistas/deauville races lady peek standing rolls royce
At Deauville Races. Lady Peek standing by her Rolls Royce. 11 August 1921
fashionistas/taken mr garai keystone view company lady
Taken for Mr Garai ( Keystone View Company ) Lady Diana Duff Cooper 5 June 1920
art deco glamour/little birds sacrificed make beauty s cap
Forty little birds sacrificed to make a beauty ' s cap. Countess de Wengen, wearing
art deco glamour/woman diplomatist mlle helene straubm who austria
Woman Diplomatist. Mlle Helene Straubm who is to be Austria ' s first minister
art deco glamour/lido striking pyjamas 1927
On the Lido Striking Pyjamas 1927
art deco glamour/javanese royalty gives paris new sensation
Javanese Royalty gives Paris a new sensation. Princess Fazil, sent to Holland
art deco glamour/taken mr garai keystone view company lady
Taken for Mr Garai ( Keystone View Company ) Lady Diana Duff Cooper 5 June 1920
art deco glamour/smallest monkey captivity miss ruth clifford
Smallest monkey in captivity. Miss Ruth Clifford, who bears a marked resemblance
art deco glamour/whirlwind kisses mlle hilda radney who charity
Whirlwind kisses. Mlle Hilda Radney, who at a charity fete in Paris raised 50
art deco glamour/popular winter mme agnes famous paris modiste
Will this become popular next winter. Mme Agnes the famous Paris Modiste, wearing
art deco glamour/winning jockey amazons hurdle race mme hellmann
Winning jockey in amazons hurdle race Mme Hellmann PPfeffer, who, at Budapest
art deco glamour/dog worth times weight german bank notes mme genia
Dog Worth Ten Times Its Weight in German Bank Notes Mme Genia Neumann, a wealthy
art deco glamour/state opening parliament peeresses leaving countess
State opening of Parliament Peeresses leaving the Countess of Drogheda 10 February 1920
art deco glamour/france s best dressed woman visits england
France ' s ' Best dressed ' woman visits England for first time. Mme Windgart
art deco glamour/mannequin s romance miss j dibble mannequin
Mannequin 's romance. Miss J Dibble, a mannequin, who married Mr F Almy, widower
1920s/fashion/hunt slipper ball savoy miss sonia surovova
' The Hunt the Slipper Ball ' at the savoy Miss Sonia Surovova in a fashionable
1920s/fashion/maharini tikari 1922
Maharini of Tikari 1922
1920s/fashion/little known industry essex centuries old industry
A little known industry in Essex. A Centuries old industry is being carried on in
1920s/fashion/making wax models sages grays inn road
The making of wax models at Sage's, Gray's Inn Road


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