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animal antics/bella baby elephant chessington zoo 1970
Bella the baby elephant at Chessington Zoo in 1970
animal antics/royal blue kings racing pigeon first carrier
"Royal Blue" the King's racing pigeon and first carrier of the war
animal antics/mr cherry kearton s wonderful chimpanzee accompanies
Mr Cherry Kearton ' s wonderful chimpanzee accompanies him in his film lecture '
animal antics/peter zoo chimp gives keeper close shave keeper
Peter, zoo chimp, gives his keeper a close shave! Keeper Harry Brown's daily
animal antics/parish pets fox terrier parrot attends meetings
The Parish pets. Fox terrier and parrot attends all meetings. Rev Pennington Bickford
animal antics/collie dog peering hole wooden door john hedgecoe
Collie dog peering through a hole in the wooden door ?John Hedgecoe / TopFoto
animal antics/henry woggins pet dog mrs fraser simpson author
Henry Woggins, the pet dog of Mrs Fraser Simpson, author of "Footsteps in the
animal antics/portable wireless typical british bulldog quite
Portable wireless! Typical British bulldog is quite content with his Marconi receiving
animal antics/mr matt kelly head keeper manchesters belle vue zoo
Mr Matt Kelly, head keeper at Manchester's Belle Vue Zoo, seems to have a job
animal antics/bob noell tickling gorilla 18 april 1968
Bob Noell tickling a gorilla. 18 April 1968
animal antics/donkey linda london zoo topfoto jaws retort
Donkey - Linda at London Zoo ?TopFoto Jaws retort response
animal antics/new born twin cornish lambs mother ewe
New Born Twin Cornish Lambs with Mother Ewe
animal antics/little dog regimental mascot need original caption
This little dog was a regimental mascot. Need to find original caption. dog guards
animal antics/marwell zoo announced endangered white rhinos
Marwell Zoo announced that they had three endangered White Rhinos, Hannu, a male
animal antics/burgh island scan b print shepherd john stanesby
BURGH ISLAND scan of b/print. Shepherd John Stanesby was resuming the old tradition
animal antics/outraged baby owl bird hand
Outraged baby owl - bird in hand
animal antics/father seahorse test tube baby aquarium
father seahorse and test tube baby in an aquarium
animal antics/baby hedgehogs seen
baby hedgehogs seen from below
animal antics/camels new mexico usa taking experiment chew
Camels in New Mexico, USA, taking part in an experiment to see if they would chew
animal antics/whats talk meal restrictions items mr attlees
What's this talk of meal restrictions
animal antics/elephant fighting maharajah baroda s birthday
Elephant fighting during the Maharajah of Baroda ' s birthday 21 January 1948
animal antics/photo john hedgecoe green toads frogs bowl water
Photo by John Hedgecoe - Green toads or frogs in a bowl of water
animal antics/rajah young elephants london zoo outsize ears
Rajah, one of the young Elephants at the London Zoo, has two outsize ears for music
animal antics/london zoos baby wallaby takes first peep world
The London zoo's baby wallaby takes its first peep at the world from its mother's
animal antics/pastel blue autocrat beautiful old english sheepdog
Pastel Blue Autocrat, a beautiful old English sheepdog, came to the West Country
animal antics/13 november 1964 boot tokyo car convertible
13 NOVEMBER 1964 Only the boot of this Tokyo car is convertible. This lucky pointer
animal antics/czecho slovakia s ostrich derby prague great sport
Czecho Slovakia ' s ostrich derby at Prague Great Sport, the winner going down
animal antics/wher trotting birds took place horses finish exciting
Wher Trotting birds took the place of Horses The finish of an exciting race at the
animal antics/photo john hedgecoe seal john hedgecoe topfoto
Photo by John Hedgecoe - Seal John Hedgecoe/TopFoto
animal antics/single heart graceful necks swans little billing
Two with a single heart! Graceful necks as swans do a little billing and cooing in
animal antics/dog bed alarm clock 1932
Dog in bed with alarm clock. 1932
animal antics/big teeth youve got child hippopotamus
What big teeth you've got. Child with hippopotamus
animal antics/waiting bang lumbering delightedly pursuit elusive
Waiting for the bang!. Lumbering delightedly in pursuit of the elusive spheres, the
animal antics/man gives drink tamed squirrel perched shoulder
A man gives a drink to a tamed squirrel that is perched on his shoulder
animal antics/zoo rears horned pheasant hand chick spurns foster
Zoo rears a horned pheasant by hand. Chick spurns foster mother. A horned pheasant
animal antics/minnie off ride moocher bear tortoise close
Where is Minnie ? Off for a ride on Moocher. Bear and tortoise are close friends
animal antics/orang utang orangutan makes christmas pudding
Orang-utang - or Orangutan - makes Christmas pudding
animal antics/life thinks azi 18 month old african chimp
This is the life ! thinks Azi, the 18 month old African Chimp at Belle Vue Zoo
animal antics/tantalising lumbering delightedly pursuit elusive
Tantalising!. Lumbering delightedly in pursuit of the elusive spheres, the Bears
animal antics/ewe dog west malling 1937
A ewe with a dog on her back in West Malling. 1937
animal antics/slow sure time honoured saying the way mans
'Slow But Sure' The time honoured saying "The Way To A Man's Heart
animal antics/grapes crystal palace national cage birds
Grapes?. The 'Crystal Palace' National Show of Cage Birds has opened at the
animal antics/chimps washing though peter hangs clothes
The chimps washing though!. Peter hangs out the clothes. When Peter and Jackie, the
animal antics/rain spoil beauty old english sheepdog wearing
Rain would spoil his beauty!. An Old English Sheepdog wearing his 'mac' as
animal antics/dog cinders sitting piano 1935
Dog ( Cinders ) sitting at piano. 1935
animal antics/boxer dog
Boxer dog
animal antics/little girl looks rabbits 1937
A little girl looks at the rabbits. 1937
animal antics/bone contention delicious looking meal shared
No bone of contention is this delicious looking meal shared amicably by huge Bull
animal antics/duckling
animal antics/scottie dog guards chimney christmas eve
Scottie dog guards the chimney on Christmas Eve. Let's hope he'll allow Santa
animal antics/steve donaghue donkey derby start 1934
Steve Donaghue at the Donkey Derby start. 1934
animal antics/kenyan hedgehog
A Kenyan hedgehog
animal antics/duckling
animal antics/cock charmed butcher enemy dogs billy cock
Cock that charmed a butcher, is the enemy of all dogs !. Billy, cock whose charming
animal antics/zoo west african chimpanzee 19 1925
At the zoo West African chimpanzee 19 May 1925
animal antics/st bernard dog watches owners children attends
St Bernard dog watches his owners children while she attends other duties
animal antics/bear goes shopping oxford street 16 november
Bear goes shopping in Oxford Street. 16 November 1934
animal antics/london zoo ostrich first time nearly 2 years
London Zoo has an ostrich for the first time in nearly 2 years. After being without
animal antics/nurse chimpanzee snooky said human like
The nurse chimpanzee. " Snooky ", said to be the most human - like chimpanzee
animal antics/bunny cat puzzles experts bunnycat given
The bunny cat puzzles experts. 'Bunnycat' is the name which has been given
animal antics/sally spider monkey takes walk little girl london
Sally the spider monkey takes a walk with a little girl at London zoo
animal antics/ewe dog friend west malling 1937
A ewe with her dog friend on her back in West Malling. 1937
animal antics/beautiful lillian starr famous budapest musical
The beautiful Lillian Starr, famous Budapest musical comedy actress, who is paying
animal antics/young mother shumba cradles male offspring named
Young mother Shumba cradles her male offspring, named Kishum, who was the first arrival
animal antics/miss i webster carrying old english sheepdog
Miss I Webster carrying her Old English Sheepdog " Sir John Marksman "
animal antics/dressed anklets thats daily sight
and all dressed in the same anklets, - that's not a daily sight! Here it seems
animal antics/monkey passionate hatred women likes men
Monkey with passionate hatred of women. But she likes men. With a fierce southern temper
animal antics/elephant doing tricks camera tanya rehearses
Elephant doing tricks for the camera, Tanya rehearses at the London Palladium for
animal antics/schoolgirls pets school 1939
Schoolgirls with their pets at school. 1939
animal antics/suffering morning feeling dicksi african bull
Suffering from that morning after feeling, DICKSI, the African bull elephant, gratefully
animal antics/chimps help pets corner s new floor receiving
Chimps help with pets Corner ' s new floor. Receiving the ' assistance '
animal antics/alsation sits passenger seat learners car 1936
An alsation sits in the passenger seat of a learners car. 1936
animal antics/dog ears bandaged noise bombs goes air
Dog with his ears bandaged against the noise of the bombs goes down into the air
animal antics/male red fox pups topfoto
Male Red fox with pups ?TopFoto
animal antics/rabbit derby rabbit derby progress beach venice
Rabbit derby. The rabbit derby in progress on the beach at Venice, California
animal antics/twinkle dancing goat 120 animals mother cecilia
"Twinkle", the dancing goat is among 120 animals Mother Cecilia Mary (75)
animal antics/miss barbara kelly alsatians meg coona quot
Miss Barbara Kelly and her alsatians " Meg " and " Coona "
animal antics/famous lucky black cat strolls passed number 10
Famous lucky black cat strolls passed Number 10 Downing Street during the European Crisis
animal antics/peter alligator likes cuddled peter six year old
Peter, the alligator, likes being cuddled! Peter, six-year-old London zoo alligator
animal antics/baby elephants arrived royal albert dock s
For baby elephants arrived at the Royal Albert Dock on the S.S "Nalgora"
animal antics/bathing von bruno 18 stone st bernard 1963
Bathing Von Bruno - an 18 stone St Bernard 1963
animal antics/ewe dog friend climb window sports car west malling
A ewe with her dog friend climb in the window of a sports car in West Malling. 1937
animal antics/getting trim circus ring 16 year old olga astley
Getting in trim for the circus ring. 16-year-old Olga Astley, one of Britain's
animal antics/silver fox show girl exhibitor uses live fox fur
Silver fox show. A girl exhibitor uses a live fox as a fur. 14 November 1934
animal antics/swans fed inside golf club 21 october 1937
Swans fed inside the golf club. 21 October 1937
animal antics/bank holiday heat leads lie down strike london
Bank Holiday heat leads to a 'lie down' strike at the London Zoo
animal antics/cheetah regimental pet sheba large cheetah adopted
Cheetah as regimental pet. Sheba a large cheetah has been adopted as regimental
animal antics/dog checks engine racing car 1939
A dog checks the engine of a racing car. 1939
animal antics/performing dog wire
A performing dog on a wire
animal antics/taking quick rain check brief shower belle vue zoo
Taking a quick rain check during a brief shower at Belle Vue Zoo, Manchester, these
animal antics/little ann bowers playing tricycle tame jackdaw
Little Ann Bowers playing on her tricycle with her tame jackdaw ringing the bell
animal antics/alsations geese playing 1936
Alsations and geese playing. 1936
animal antics/thats way use chair dear gorilla josephine
' That's no way to use a chair, dear,' gorilla Josephine (left) seems
animal antics/cat tennis ambitions chased senorita lizana s ball
Cat with tennis ambitions chased Senorita Lizana 's ball. Senorita Anita Lizana
animal antics/little ann bowers breakfast tame jackdaw eynsford
Little Ann Bowers at breakfast with her tame jackdaw, Eynsford, Kent
animal antics/jessie faced birthday cake jessie favourite
Jessie faced her birthday cake. 'Jessie', a favourite elephant in the Taronga
animal antics/bull aeroplane 10 june 1959
Bull in aeroplane. 10 June 1959
animal antics/easter parade battersea park londoners turned
Easter Parade in Battersea Park. Londoners turned out in force in the warm sunshine
animal antics/cause art ask normal man plunge chilly pool
All in the cause of art!. To ask the normal man to plunge into a chilly pool in his


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