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art deco glamour/miss marjorie moss known terpsichorean artiste
Miss Marjorie Moss, the well known terpsichorean artiste. 17 December 1926
art deco glamour/heroine london romance mlle maria ley famous
Heroine of London romance. Mlle Maria Ley, the famous Continental danseuse who
art deco glamour/baroness who won 12 000 deauville baroness
Baroness who won ?12, 000 at Deauville. The Baroness Lilian Macchioro Vivalba
art deco glamour/senora martinez hoz wife known argentine owner
Senora Martinez De Hoz, wife of the well known Argentine owner, who gained his
art deco glamour/countess s fight ban vera countess cathcart
Countess 's fight against ban. Vera Countess Cathcart ( left ) aboard the liner
art deco glamour/france s successful woman owner mme yvette laurent
France ' s most successful woman owner Mme Yvette Laurent, the well known Paris
art deco glamour/charming english actress australia miss margaret
Charming English actress for Australia. Miss Margaret Bannerman ( born in Toronto
art deco glamour/mexican film star england signora dolores rio
Mexican film star in England. Signora Dolores de Rio on the boat at Plymouth. 24
fashionistas/river girl 6 august 1920
The river girl 6 August 1920
fashionistas/latest fancy dress miss betty brook english
The latest in fancy dress. Miss Betty Brook, an English girl who is starring in
art deco glamour/english her looks mlle gregoritz who attained
Nothing English about her except her looks. Mlle Gregoritz, who has attained
art deco glamour/doggy mrs mortimer davis appeared paris races week
Doggy. Mrs Mortimer Davis, as she appeared at the Paris races last week. 3 August
art deco glamour/niece german secretary state who makes debut films
Niece of German Secretary of State who makes her debut in the films. Miss Erica
art deco glamour/works clock round alice hemingway known mannequin
She works the clock round. Alice Hemingway, a well known mannequin employed by
art deco glamour/little birds sacrificed make beauty s cap
Forty little birds sacrificed to make a beauty ' s cap. Countess de Wengen, wearing
art deco glamour/senora dodero buenos aires little daughter marquita
Senora Dodero, of Buenos Aires, with her little daughter Marquita, who are paying
art deco glamour/champion woman steeplechase rider frau schmidt melius
Champion woman steeplechase rider. Frau Schmidt Melius, who a few days ago at Erfurt
art deco glamour/portrait reward mme costes wife distinguished
Portrait as reward. Mme Costes, wife of the distinguished French airman who had
art deco glamour/great great great daughter queen victoria engaged
Great Great Great daughter of Queen Victoria engaged. HRH Princess Cecilia of
art deco glamour/woman diplomatist mlle helene straubm who austria
Woman Diplomatist. Mlle Helene Straubm who is to be Austria ' s first minister
art deco glamour/lido striking pyjamas 1927
On the Lido Striking Pyjamas 1927
art deco glamour/mlle lily damita famous film star 11 january
Mlle Lily Damita, the famous film star. 11 January 1928
art deco glamour/senorita elsenada famous south american female
Senorita Elsenada, the famous South American female bullfighter. 12 March 1927
art deco glamour/javanese royalty gives paris new sensation
Javanese Royalty gives Paris a new sensation. Princess Fazil, sent to Holland
art deco glamour/keeping memory picturesque costumes pre war russia
Keeping in memory the picturesque costumes of pre war Russia. Entertainer in Paris
art deco glamour/danced prince george lili damita 14 september
Danced with Prince George. Lili Damita. 14 September 1928
art deco glamour/miss tessy harrison marvellous dancing drawing
Miss Tessy Harrison , whose marvellous dancing is now drawing great crowds to the
art deco glamour/sports fashion leader sets shop mme paul reboux
Sports fashion leader sets up shop. Mme Paul Reboux who has for some season set
art deco glamour/princess fthie granddaughter late sultan abdul
Princess Fthie, granddaughter of the late Sultan Abdul Hamid of Turkey. 14 March 1927
art deco glamour/profile coinage mme berta braun society woman
Profile on coinage. Mme Berta Braun, a Society woman, whose charming profile
art deco glamour/miss algeria mlle rives algiers who represent
Miss Algeria. Mlle Rives, of Algiers, who will represent her country in a competition
art deco glamour/taken mr garai keystone view company lady
Taken for Mr Garai ( Keystone View Company ) Lady Diana Duff Cooper 5 June 1920
art deco glamour/faith invention causes concussion brain mme auguste
Faith in her own invention causes concussion of the brain. Mme Auguste Hallmann
art deco glamour/lili damita wearing magnificent silver brocade
Lili Damita, wearing the magnificent silver brocade coat presented by Jenny. 24
art deco glamour/noted cinema star mannequin mlle andree lafayette
Noted cinema star as mannequin. Mlle Andree Lafayette, great great grand daughter
art deco glamour/idol paris stage mlle spinelly idol parisian
The idol of the Paris stage. Mlle Spinelly, the idol of Parisian theatregoers
art deco glamour/milan society leader who summering eastbourne
Milan society leader who is summering Eastbourne. Signore De Pallini, who has
art deco glamour/countess beroldingen viennese society sportswoman
Countess Beroldingen. Viennese Society sportswoman. 16 July 1927
art deco glamour/m poincare s granddaughter wins fancy dress prize
M Poincare ' s Granddaughter wins fancy dress prize
art deco glamour/mlle lorenz who drawing crowds monte carlo wonderful
Mlle Lorenz, who is drawing crowds at Monte Carlo by her wonderful exhibition of
art deco glamour/champion job mlle lanoni professional mixer
Champion at her job. Mlle Lanoni, professional ' mixer ' at the smartest cocktail
art deco glamour/mlle andree lafayette who present london
Mlle Andree Lafayette, who is at present in London. 16 March 1928
art deco glamour/improved victorian fashion lido signorina
" Improved Victorian " fashion on the Lido. Signorina Emmy Mogliani, the famous
art deco glamour/smallest monkey captivity miss ruth clifford
Smallest monkey in captivity. Miss Ruth Clifford, who bears a marked resemblance
art deco glamour/dancing princess visits london princess beder khan
Dancing Princess visits London. Princess Beder Khan, the beautiful dancer, who
art deco glamour/ukelele lady hungarians countess erzsi pechy
" Ukelele Lady " for the Hungarians. Countess Erzsi Pechy, who belongs to one
art deco glamour/dicktator turkish women s fashions paris
Dicktator of Turkish women 's fashions now in Paris. Helene Hanoum, wearing a
art deco glamour/heroine france s sensational day mlle yolande
Heroine in France ' s most sensational show of the day. Mlle Yolande Laffon, of
art deco glamour/tea party prince 31 january senora fleirscheim
To give a tea party for the Prince on 31 January. Senora Fleirscheim a beautiful
art deco glamour/princess furstenberg princess marriage countess
Princess of Furstenberg. The Princess was before her marriage, the Countess Francoise
art deco glamour/associated world s famous dressmakers lady abdy
Now associated with one of the world ' s most famous dressmakers. Lady Abdy, who
art deco glamour/whirlwind kisses mlle hilda radney who charity
Whirlwind kisses. Mlle Hilda Radney, who at a charity fete in Paris raised 50
art deco glamour/titled slave charleston countess ulrich kinsky
Titled slave to the Charleston. Countess Ulrich Kinsky, who gave a New Year dance
art deco glamour/popular winter mme agnes famous paris modiste
Will this become popular next winter. Mme Agnes the famous Paris Modiste, wearing
art deco glamour/loved french artistes miss bessie love latest
Not loved by French artistes. Miss Bessie Love, the latest American dancer to
art deco glamour/lancashire lass vienna miss ruth nielson famous
A Lancashire Lass. From Vienna. Miss Ruth Nielson, the famous Austrian Movie star
art deco glamour/scots girl makes mark abroad miss norah sandys
Another Scots girl makes her mark abroad. Miss Norah Sandys, described by the
art deco glamour/17 year old boy remarkable impersonation young
17 year old boy, whose remarkable impersonation of a young woman of fashion obtained
art deco glamour/winning jockey amazons hurdle race mme hellmann
Winning jockey in amazons hurdle race Mme Hellmann PPfeffer, who, at Budapest
art deco glamour/appointment violinist kaiser mlle alma maria rose
By appointment ' Violinist to the Kaiser '
art deco glamour/la argentina spain s greatest dancer 4 june
La Argentina, Spain ' s greatest dancer. 4 June 1927
art deco glamour/st joan berlin saint joan produced berlin pronounced
St Joan in Berlin. Saint Joan was produced in Berlin with pronounced all round success
art deco glamour/italy s first woman engineer signorita laetitia
Italy ' s first woman engineer. Signorita Laetitia Andra, who has just graduated
art deco glamour/dog worth times weight german bank notes mme genia
Dog Worth Ten Times Its Weight in German Bank Notes Mme Genia Neumann, a wealthy
art deco glamour/ronald colmans new partner mlle lili damita
Ronald Colmans new partner. Mlle Lili Damita. 3 April 1928
art deco glamour/mlle yvette famous dancer known paris viennese
Mlle Yvette, famous dancer and well - known in Paris and Viennese society. 24
art deco glamour/cosmopolitan girl world miss rita george probably
Most Cosmopolitan girl in the world Miss Rita George, probably the most popular
art deco glamour/tour english big towns countess ilona karolevna
To tour the English big towns Countess Ilona Karolevna. The beautiful Russian
art deco glamour/state opening parliament peeresses leaving countess
State opening of Parliament Peeresses leaving the Countess of Drogheda 10 February 1920
art deco glamour/beauty bun mlle maria schuster daughter
Beauty and her " Bun ". Mlle Maria Schuster, daughter of Dr Schuster of Vienna
art deco glamour/miss romania mlle zaika dona student university
Miss Romania Mlle Zaika Dona, a student at the University of Bucharest, who will
art deco glamour/mlle lori loraine charming young austrian actress
Mlle Lori Loraine, the charming young Austrian actress, now appearing in " Sweet
art deco glamour/fraulein lisl goldarbeiter who chosen miss
Fraulein Lisl Goldarbeiter, who has been chosen as ' Miss Austria ' 1929
art deco glamour/ready sacrifice fortune france mme henry who
Ready to sacrifice her fortune for France. Mme Henry, who has offered to place
art deco glamour/madame spinelly son maneol spinelly small boy
Madame Spinelly with her son Maneol Spinelly. The small boy is known everywhere
art deco glamour/magnet theatre going paris miss tessy harrison
Magnet of theatre going Paris . Miss Tessy Harrison whose marvellous dancing is
art deco glamour/france s best dressed woman visits england
France ' s ' Best dressed ' woman visits England for first time. Mme Windgart
art deco glamour/teaching king sing baroness marietta styrces
Teaching a King how to sing. Baroness Marietta Styrces, who has undertaken the
art deco glamour/abandon stage mlle jane aubert leading lady
Could not abandon the stage. Mlle Jane Aubert, the leading lady ' Good News '
art deco glamour/mlle regine camier french actress 16 september
Mlle Regine Camier, the French actress. 16 September 1927
art deco glamour/princess achille murat 12 november 1932
Princess Achille Murat. 12 November 1932
art deco glamour/mlle lily damita film star 23 january 1928
Mlle Lily Damita, film star. 23 January 1928
art deco glamour/lady mortimer davis wearing famous diamonds pearls
Lady Mortimer Davis wearing her famous diamonds and pearls. 6 January 1928
art deco glamour/champion woman golfer mdlle daniela parola who
Champion woman golfer. Mdlle Daniela Parola, who won the French theatrical women
art deco glamour/mannequin s romance miss j dibble mannequin
Mannequin 's romance. Miss J Dibble, a mannequin, who married Mr F Almy, widower
art deco glamour/golden girl gets pilot certificate countess
The " golden girl " gets her pilot certificate. The Countess de Chasseloup
art deco glamour/keeping memory picturesque costume pre war russia
Keeping in memory the picturesque costume of Pre war Russia. Entertainer in Paris
art deco glamour/ascot fashions paris mme agnes famous french modiste
Ascot fashions from Paris. Mme Agnes, the famous French modiste, who is expected
art deco glamour/dress started boom mlle maria ley appearance
Dress that started a boom. Mlle Maria Ley, whose appearance in the costume seen
art deco glamour/noted italian medical woman daughter marry day
Noted Italian medical woman and her daughter marry on the same day. Dr Colombo
art deco glamour/hunt england baroness james rothschild france
To hunt in England. Baroness James de Rothschild, one of France 's best known
art deco glamour/miss belgium mlle tambour brussels who represent
Miss Belgium. Mlle Tambour of Brussels, who will represent her country in a competition
art deco glamour/hunt slipper ball savoy miss sonia surovova
' The Hunt the Slipper Ball ' at the savoy Miss Sonia Surovova and a military
art deco glamour/cosmopolitan girl world miss rita george probably
Most Cosmopolitan girl in the world Miss Rita George, probably the most popular
art deco glamour/cosmopolitan girl world miss rita george probably
Most Cosmopolitan girl in the world Miss Rita George, probably the most popular