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sport/aerial shot rowers sculling
Aerial shot of rowers sculling along
sport/pat taaffe irish trained arkle takes fence ahead
Pat Taaffe on Irish-trained Arkle takes the last fence ahead of English champion Mill
peaceful/photo john hedgecoe surfer surfboard running
Photo by John Hedgecoe - Surfer with surfboard running up the beach in wind, mist
sport/konishiki hawaiian sumo legend aka dumptruck
Konishiki - Hawaiian sumo legend - aka the Dumptruck ?John Hedgecoe / TopFoto
peaceful/london swimming pool crystal palace diver training
London swimming pool at Crystal Palace - diver training John Hedgecoe / TopFoto
sport/hang glider
Hang glider
sport/photo john hedgecoe hang glider john
Photo by John Hedgecoe - Hang-glider John Hedgecoe/TopFoto
sport/american footballer psyched ready game
American footballer psyched up and ready for the game
sport/photo john hedgecoe windsurfers 2006 john
Photo by John Hedgecoe - Windsurfers ?2006 John Hedgecoe/TopFoto
sport/horse rider taking jump
Horse and rider taking a jump
sport/photo john hedgecoe cross country skier
Photo by John Hedgecoe - cross country skier
sport/cub scouts playing john hedgecoe topfoto
Cub scouts playing together ? John Hedgecoe / TopFoto
sport/photo john hedgecoe jet ski 2006 john
Photo by John Hedgecoe - Jet ski ?2006 John Hedgecoe/TopFoto
sport/children playing conveying movement john hedgecoe
Children playing - conveying movement ? John Hedgecoe / TopFoto
sport/photo john hedgecoe polo snow polo team sport
Photo by John Hedgecoe - Polo in the snow. Polo is a team sport played on horseback
sport/photo john hedgecoe canoeist 2006 john
Photo by John Hedgecoe - Canoeist ?2006 John Hedgecoe/TopFoto
sport/photo john hedgecoe windsurfer 2006 john
Photo by John Hedgecoe - Windsurfer ?2006 John Hedgecoe/TopFoto
sport/photo john hedgecoe curling 2006 topfoto john
Photo by John Hedgecoe - Curling ?2006 TopFoto/John Hedgecoe
sport/rowing contest regatta
Rowing contest - regatta
sport/boy jumping water john hedgecoe topfoto
Boy jumping into the water ? John Hedgecoe / TopFoto
sport/photo john hedgecoe jet skiing 2006 john
Photo by John Hedgecoe - Jet skiing ?2006 John Hedgecoe/TopFoto
sport/little girl park hula hoop shadow john hedgecoe
Little girl in the park with her hula hoop - and shadow ?John Hedgecoe / Topfoto
sport/photo john hedgecoe young boy wetsuit sitting
Photo by John Hedgecoe - Young boy in wetsuit sitting on a beached jetski. ?2006
sport/boy play beach baseball bat john hedgecoe
Boy at play on the beach with a baseball bat ? John Hedgecoe / TopFoto
peaceful/photo john hedgecoe hot air balloons
Photo by John Hedgecoe - Hot air balloons
peaceful/diver entering water
Diver entering the water
monochrome/sports car glider flying low overhead john hedgecoe
Sports car with glider flying low overhead John Hedgecoe / TopFoto
sport/man lifting weights
Man lifting weights
sport/boxer training john hedgecoe topfoto
Boxer training John Hedgecoe / TopFoto
sport/goalkeeper caught height leap catch ball john
Goalkeeper caught at the height of his leap to catch the ball John Hedgecoe / TopFoto
sport/speedboat dusk using fast lens fast film provide
Speedboat at dusk - using fast lens and fast film to provide an appropriate shutter
sport/basketball hoop john hedgecoe topfoto
Basketball hoop John Hedgecoe / TopFoto
sport/swimmer red costume
Swimmer in red costume
peaceful/hot air balloon john hedgecoe topfoto
Hot air balloon John Hedgecoe / TopFoto
sport/greyhounds rounding bend racecourse racetrack
Greyhounds rounding the bend of the racecourse or racetrack John Hedgecoe / TopFoto
sport/swimmer butterfly stroke john hedgecoe topfoto
Swimmer - butterfly stroke John Hedgecoe / TopFoto
sport/pole vault
Pole vault
sport/snooker balls
Snooker balls
sport/windsurfing john hedgecoe topfoto
Windsurfing John Hedgecoe / TopFoto
sport/sprinter action shot
Sprinter - action shot
sport/american footballers john hedgecoe topfoto
American footballers John Hedgecoe / TopFoto
sport/canoeist rapids john hedgecoe topfoto
Canoeist in rapids John Hedgecoe / TopFoto
sport/supporters club
The supporters club
sport/horse racing john hedgecoe topfoto
Horse racing John Hedgecoe / TopFoto
peaceful/hot air balloons
Hot air balloons
sport/ringside view wrestling
Ringside view of wrestling
sport/land yachting
Land yachting
sport/american football
American football
sport/water skier
Water skier
sport/speedboat john hedgecoe topfoto
Speedboat John Hedgecoe / TopFoto
sport/canoeing white water
Canoeing through white water
sport/canoe slalom race turbulent waters welsh river
Canoe slalom race in the turbulent waters of a Welsh river John Hedgecoe / TopFoto
sport/parasailing leaving trail smoke
Parasailing leaving a trail of smoke
sport/boy jumping sea great height john hedgecoe
Boy jumping into the sea from a great height John Hedgecoe / TopFoto
sport/motorcyclist jumping john hedgecoe topfoto
Motorcyclist jumping through fire John Hedgecoe / TopFoto *** Local Caption ***
peaceful/hot air balloons floating sky
Hot air balloons floating in the sky
sport/land surfing
Land surfing
sport/wrestlers wrestling
Wrestlers wrestling
sport/horses galloping training session john hedgecoe
Horses galloping against each other on a training session John Hedgecoe / TopFoto
sport/gymnast parallel bars
Gymnast on parallel bars
sport/colourful composition canoes canoeists waiting
Colourful composition of canoes and canoeists waiting in a lock
peaceful/sunset scene john hedgecoe topfoto
Sunset scene John Hedgecoe / TopFoto
sport/rugby scrum dramatic blurring effect created
Rugby scrum - dramatic blurring effect created by changing the focal length during
sport/water skier john hedgecoe topfoto
Water skier John Hedgecoe / TopFoto
sport/low level ringside view wrestling
Low level ringside view of wrestling
sport/trotting race sydney australia
Trotting race in Sydney - Australia
sport/greyhound racing
Greyhound racing
sport/footballer reaches ball
Footballer reaches for the ball
sport/childhood games skipping john hedgecoe topfoto
Childhood games - skipping John Hedgecoe / TopFoto
sport/swimmer taken soft spot fog centre spot filter
Swimmer taken with a soft spot or fog centre spot filter with a smoky coloured area
sport/strobed action boxer multiple image john hedgecoe
Strobed action of a boxer - multiple image John Hedgecoe / TopFoto
sport/tennis player
Tennis player
sport/moroccan horsemen
Moroccan horsemen
sport/bike rider display team
Bike rider in a display team
sport/man horse rein john hedgecoe topfoto
Man with horse on rein John Hedgecoe / TopFoto
sport/speed skaters john hedgecoe topfoto
Speed skaters John Hedgecoe / TopFoto
sport/american football using technique panning camera
American football - using the technique of panning the camera to produce streaks
sport/boy swimming john hedgecoe topfoto
Boy swimming John Hedgecoe / TopFoto
sport/sportsman hurdling john hedgecoe topfoto
Sportsman hurdling John Hedgecoe / TopFoto
sport/skateboarding john hedgecoe topfoto
Skateboarding John Hedgecoe / TopFoto
sport/fell walker lake distrit
Fell walker in the Lake Distrit
sport/swimmer john hedgecoe topfoto
Swimmer John Hedgecoe / TopFoto
sport/schoolboy clearing high jump school annual sports
Schoolboy clearing the high jump during his school annual sports day John Hedgecoe
sport/rider horse taking jump
Rider and horse taking a jump
sport/boxer boxing john hedgecoe topfoto
Boxer boxing John Hedgecoe / TopFoto
sport/camel palm trees silhouette
Camel and palm trees in silhouette
peaceful/yacht blue sea blue sky john hedgecoe topfoto
Yacht on blue sea with blue sky John Hedgecoe / TopFoto
sport/action shot golfer driving ball green
Action shot of golfer driving the ball on the green
sport/telephoto shot hurdler john hedgecoe topfoto
Telephoto shot of a hurdler John Hedgecoe / TopFoto
sport/canoeist picture taken avoid obscured spray
Canoeist - picture taken from above to avoid him being obscured by spray John
sport/hot air balloon
Hot air balloon


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